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"Brandy has a powerful presence coupled with an immensely loving spirit. Being in her gracious and loving essence is a privilege I deeply cherish."

Maya McClean

Musician, Public Figure

"Brandy’s impact is truly profound. I had the honor of meeting her at the Cascade event in Wyoming. I was experiencing blocked energy at that time and in a large group session, her guided meditation and prayer effortlessly dissolved these blockages. This experience allowed me to reconnect with my present self, deeply anchored in my body and heart space.


Later, during a one-on-one session, she provided me with deep insights into the energies and light beings that envelop me. She affirmed that I am following the correct path, perfectly aligned with my purpose through both my music and my voice.


Brandy has a powerful presence coupled with an immensely loving spirit. Being in her gracious and loving essence is a privilege I deeply cherish."

~ Maya McClean

Musician, Public Figure

"You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream. In an age of self-help prophets-for-hire, Brandy Tuttle stands out as the real deal. How do I know? Time and again, I’ve seen her perform mini-miracles, despite my deep-seated cynicism. I’ve witnessed her healing seriously ill people, reviving ailing animals, and even releasing lost souls from the grave. How does she do it? She connects us with our Spirits. This is her unique gift—and it is mighty.” 

~  Peter Isrealson

Internationally-Known Director

"Brandy Tuttle honors her Native American lineage, lighting up the room with graceful storytelling skills that enchant her audience."


~ Julie Elledge Ph.D., LMFT

“Brandy Tuttle is confident, careful, and deeply connected to spirit and her service. She’s a powerful storyteller who commands an audience, inviting them to enter deeply into attunement with what she is sharing and offering. Brandy has spoken at multiple events for Headwaters Gatherings, captivating audiences of upwards of 100 people, down to intimate groups. Her focus and devotion to spirit—and the work at hand—remain steady and forthright. She’s a powerful Native woman whose life and work deeply reflect her capacity to heal, share, and serve in her unique way. She is absolutely masterful; every time she steps on stage, her message is delivered and readily received by those gathered, with the unfiltered intelligence and wisdom that come through her, meeting people right where they are.”

~ Sita Daavettila
Founder of Headwaters Gatherings

“Skeptical at the outset, I didn’t really believe in this kind of thing, but my experience with Brandy’s speaking was transformative; from what she said, I’m pretty certain my late wife had guided me there. The resonance of her message was so profound that I was moved to purchase her books to share with my friends.”


~ Bill H

Retired Wall Street Attorney

Brandy Tuttle uses her Native American spiritual heritage, and her compassionate insight into human nature, to help people find inner peace, healing, and new directions.


~ Ted Kerasote | National Bestselling Author

“Brandy has a palpable and beautiful devotion to guiding individuals on a journey toward a place of safety and belonging, into an interconnected world that many of us have forgotten. Through her wisdom and knowledge of spiritual practices, I was reconnected with my ancestors and able to invite their strength and power to help me show up in a fuller a profound sense of spirit; her powerful, intentional speech resonated deeply, giving me chills and an indescribable opening within. Her gift is undeniable, making the event truly impactful.”


~Sandra Newman

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