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About Brandy

"If I could reassure my younger self, I'd say, 'YOU are powerful beyond measure, and your journey will prove it. Let me guide you.' This wisdom, born of my life's path, is what I now offer you—it's my calling, my essence, my truth."
~ Brandy


I have been honored with the titles ‘Master Spiritual Alchemist and Keeper of the Sacred Fire’ by Spirit, and I stand at the forefront of spiritual transformation. As the internationally bestselling author of ‘Grateful, Powerful, Strong: Next Level Navigation for the Spiritual Warrior’ and the host of the ‘Standing Holy’ podcast, I’ve been blessed with a profound connection to Spirit. This connection allows me to harness life force energy and my rich life experiences to elicit change and empower others. I don’t just speak; I connect heart to heart, soul to soul, offering a roadmap that leads from where you’ve been to where you long to be. It’s a path marked by gratitude, powered by strength, and guided by the profound realization that, with Spirit, all things are possible. My personal odyssey through life’s harshest lessons has imbued me with an empathy that speaks directly to the soul, making me a sought-after speaker on the global stage.

Rooted in my Native heritage and propelled by my personal victories over life’s trials, my journey is a testament to the unparalleled power of deep spiritual connection. Facing challenges that defied conventional solutions, I turned inward to cultivate a connection with a Spiritual force so potent that it transcended the physical realm’s limitations. These experiences, once sources of solitude, have become my most treasured gift, for they revealed the indomitable spirit that resides within me—and within us all.

On stage, my connection to Spirit is not just spoken of—it is felt. It manifests as an energy that both grounds and elevates, creating a space where listeners can open themselves up to their own spiritual guidance. My ability to channel this connection and share it with my audience is what sets me apart, making these sessions ideal for those seeking empowerment, strength, and Spiritual support.

My commitment to lifting spirits and breaking boundaries takes me across the globe, leaving a trail of awakened hearts and rejuvenated souls. Whether speaking intimately or addressing thousands, my message is clear: YOU are powerful beyond measure, transformation is your birthright, and with spirit as your guide, you can move the needle of the physical world.

My dedication to sharing this profound understanding is unwavering. I know that possessing this depth of spiritual connection and insight would be transformative for others, just as it was for me. Driven by my mission to inspire and empower, I encourage my audience to embrace their power and take the next right step, right now.

Booking me for your event is an invitation to your audience to embark on a journey of self-discovery and spiritual awakening, with a guide who embodies the very essence of resilience, wisdom, and Native understanding. My powerful connection to Spirit and my ability to translate that into deeply moving, transformative experiences make me an unparalleled presence in the world of motivational speaking.

A Message From Brandy:


Hey, guys! 

Let me begin by saying: Thank you. Thank you for joining me on this journey, for giving me the opportunity to be authentic and vulnerable in sharing my story— the challenges and the Spirit interventions that have brought me to you.

Now that I am on this side of my life, my perspective—and how I approach life—has changed. But as a younger person walking through those fires, I often felt like the weight of the challenge was more than I could bear. I doubted myself immensely, having no idea how INCREDIBLY supported by Spirit I really was. That’s one of the things that I’ve vowed to convey to you.

Through this journey, I’ve discovered key aspects that have leveled me up in ways I could never have imagined. One of those being the intrinsic value of balance and the mind, body, spirit connection in healing.

As I was going through those hard life experiences, Spirit brought me a level of awareness that transcended this earthly world. It was then that they began teaching me spiritual tools—arcing, grounding, spiritual hovering, astral travel and RPM, to name just a few—which tended to my delicate energetic balance. That is when it all changed.


Although our ability to lean into the Creator and navigate our ‘Spiritual GPS’ is an innate part of our existence, our lives can often feel so distracting, overwhelming, disorienting, or detached that we question this natural state of deep belonging… or don’t recognize it at all.

In my own journey, honored with the titles of Master Spiritual Alchemist and Keeper of the Sacred Fire, I’ve embraced the mission to empower and enlighten. Through the impartation of Native wisdom, healing modalities, and holistic wellness—whether it be through channeling messages from beyond, transcendent storytelling, writing books, or hosting podcasts—I aim to share our collective light, illuminating the thread that connects us all. Together, we can transmute darkness to light, fostering healing and advancing transformation in the physical world.


As we embrace hope and strength together, and welcome spiritual support into our lives, we forge deeper connections and discover tools for our growth. This journey we’re on, it’s about learning to navigate our spiritual GPS. I’m here with you, step by step, as we chart this sacred path, uncovering the signs and signals that guide us to our true north.

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