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Balanced Rocks

What impact do you envision for your event? What does your audience need?

The journey begins with understanding these questions. Whether it’s addressing a loss of hope, anxiety, self awareness, life’s challenges, or they are looking to up level Spiritually to affect change within their life and the world…  my approach is tailored to meet these needs.


My distinction as a speaker lies in leading with spiritual depth from the outset. Upon booking me, the spiritual groundwork commences, with our guides collaborating to maximize the event’s impact. This preparation, beginning well in advance, allows Spirit to influence and attract your audience, ensuring everything aligns perfectly.


My talks, powerful and transformative, are Spirit-led and tailored to your specific needs. Consider what you wish your audience to experience and feel. Let’s explore these possibilities in our upcoming chat.

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Harnessing Spiritual Wisdom, Resilience, and Tenacity

Brandy offers more than a keynote; she delivers a spiritually transformative experience. Her empathetic nature and ease in conveying complex spiritual concepts are complemented by a profound connection with her Spirit Guides. These guides work in tandem with Brandy and with your audience, intuitively shaping the experience from its onset to address the specific needs of each attendee. Her talks are not just speeches; they are spiritual journeys. From the moment Brandy joins your event, the spiritual groundwork commences, with a full orchestra of Spirit Guides working behind the scenes to ensure a transformative experience for all.


Key Points Covered:


  1. Spirit-Led Depth and Guidance: Explore how to tap into your own Spiritual GPS for deeper understanding and clarity, fueled by Brandy’s deep empathy and Native wisdom.

  2. Resilience Cultivated through Spiritual Partnership: Develop resilience strategies grounded in Native teachings, supported by the steady influence of Spirit Guides who are attuned to your personal challenges.

  3. Tenacity Infused with Compassionate Wisdom: Discover the power of tenacity, enriched by compassionate spiritual insights, forging personal growth and collective well-being.




  1. Personalized Spiritual Insights: Experience personalized spiritual insights uniquely tailored to your audience, channeled through Brandy’s connection with her Spirit Guides, ensuring deep relevance and impact.

  2. Resilience Tools with Spiritual Foundations: Equip yourself with practical, spiritually-grounded techniques to enhance resilience and manage life’s challenges.

  3. Purposeful Empowerment: Leave with a renewed sense of purpose, empowered by the integration of spiritual wisdom, resilience, and tenacity into daily life, guided by the unseen but powerful hand of Spirit.


Brandy Tuttle’s presence at your event marks the beginning of a spiritually orchestrated journey. Through her transcendent storytelling, her Spirit Guides will work to align the energies, meeting your audience where they are on their journey and assessing their specific needs. This creates an environment where every participant feels personally addressed and profoundly touched by the experience. Prepare for a transformative event that not only changes your audience’s perceptions and interactions with the world but also aligns souls in a shared journey of growth and enlightenment.

Energy Clearing with Brandy Tuttle


Building on the transformative experience of her talks, Brandy offers specialized breakout sessions and workshops focused on energy clearings. These sessions are designed to alleviate blockages, enhancing spiritual awareness and aiding in navigating life's challenges. Participants will experience the unique ™RPM Tuttle Method, co-created by Brandy and Spirit, which facilitates multifaceted levels of clearing. To tailor this experience to your event's specific needs, arrange a consultation call with Brandy.




Arcing – Harnessing Spirit for Transformative Energy Work


In this session, Brandy introduces "Arcing," an advanced energy work technique that transcends physical resistance to bring immediate and lasting change. This method leverages the power of Spirit Guides, fueled by the greater good to achieve profound and impactful results. Suitable for individual or collective application, Arcing is a potent tool for personal and communal transformation.

Let’s discuss how to tailor the talk to the needs of YOUR event!

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