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Spiritual Alchemy with Native American Medicine

Embark on a transformative 7-week online journey with Brandy Tuttle, a master spiritual alchemist, and immerse yourself in the profound wisdom of Native American teachings. Through the sacred practice of journeying with spirit across the seven directions—West, North, East, South, Above, Below, and Within—discover unparalleled personal healing, growth, and the power to contribute meaningfully to the world. Each week, connect deeply with your team of spirit guides through sacred prayer, guided visualizations, meditation, and transcendent storytelling. Navigate life's challenges and embrace a path of healing and understanding, guided by the enduring wisdom of Native American elders. This course offers a sanctuary from the noise of the modern world, providing powerful practices to release what no longer serves you, connect with Source, and unlock profound levels of healing within. Through ancestral clearing, storytelling that transcends, and calling upon the spirits of the seven sacred directions, you will journey back to yourself—finding clarity, strength, and a renewed sense of purpose. Join Brandy Tuttle on this sacred journey to reclaim your power, heal from within, and transform your life with the timeless teachings of Native American spirituality. Register now and step into a circle of healing and growth, where every direction holds a key to unlocking your greatest potential.

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