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Transcendent Storyteller
of Native Wisdom


Master Spiritual Alchemist, Keeper of the Sacred Fire 


Connecting people to Spirit is what I’m here to do; and I take that very seriously. 

I instill hope, strength, and spiritual support by forging connections with Spirit and offering tools for growth, enabling individuals to start navigating their own spiritual GPS today! 

These are the very connections and proactive solutions I’ve honed over more than 35 years—tools that have guided me through the toughest of life’s challenges.

Looking back, possessing this depth of understanding earlier on could have been transformative. That’s precisely why I’m driven by my mission: to inspire and empower others to take the next right step, right now.

I want YOU to know: you are POWERFUL beyond measure!

When faced with difficult life events or when feeling depleted, we might be tempted to turn to quick, reactive solutions for relief. However, recognizing the power of practices that consistently strengthen our Hochoka (the spiritual center within) is like appreciating the steadfastness of a lighthouse in a storm. 


I’ve spent much of my life cultivating tools and spiritual awareness to overcome challenges that modern society often deems impossible. The strongest version of myself has emerged from what I do daily to maintain spiritual strength and balance, not just in moments of hardship. 


I aim to share my spiritual insights and native wisdom, offering deep resonance and actionable tools that you can start using today to fortify your Hochoka, becoming the lighthouse amidst the storm.

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